Shop Search Result - false meta tags

Hi Thomas,

Here’s my product page looks like on google. Is there a way to show my product/design description on the meta tags instead of my shop description? Please help. Thanks!


Hey there!

Google is sometimes a bit bitchy. It basically displays what it wants.
I´d suggest to use the Google Search Console and request a new indexing.

This can be done via the function “Inspect any URL”. Paste your product list URLs in there.

Resubmitting the pages for indexing usually helps to bring Google back on the right track
Let me know if this worked out for you!

Hi Thomas, I tried resubmitting the request but it’s giving me the same result.

mhh… :thinking:
There is actually not that much we can do on our side. As explained, it´s mostly up to Google to decide.
But what you could do is

  1. try to rename some of your designs to make Google “understand” your content a bit better.

  2. We have seen that “All Designs” pages are sometimes indexed correctly but therefore the descriptions are key!
    It may sound funny but you could try not to have all your design descriptions in uppercase
    Google will probably not show snippets with all words in uppercase
    As seen here:

  3. Request another reindexing again