Small design on product preview

Hi’ I’m creating my all designs in 30x40 cm area and 300 dpi resolution (these were much more than enough for my local print on demand platform), but some (almost all) my designs appear to be very small on preview (like even 1/3-1/2 of actual dimensions). Can You help me? What am I doing wrong?

Ahoy @Pierogi,

which preview do you mean? Could you make some screenshots and note your DesignID so that I can check the issue?
If you mean the productpreview in your PartnerArea than you simply need to scale them on the products to the right size.

Hi, Thank you for your response. Yes I mean productview in my partner area but also in shop. I didn’t see the place where i can scale designs on the product (i saw some printscreens of a tool i can’t find anywhere). Can you give me a link or maybe direct me where i can find this?

ok, found this… a month of platform using :smiley: Better now than later. Thanks.


If you have further question please let me know.