Still didn't get April Commission

I have not received the April commission until today. I was told to change bank account to get the ail commission in June payout. But still didn’t get the money for April!

Can u please help?

Ahoy @Mikkaz_Shirts,

please contact the colleagues at

Best Rico

tried but they are not very helpful!

We had some technical issues with the last payout so that we had to rolback the whole payoutprocess and start it again. Due to that there is a small delay in the transfer. So maybe your payout is still on its way.
But to be sure I forwarded your question to the colleagues and they will have a look.

Best Rico

Its about Payout 304121165-19

I already get the money for mai but not for April!

Ahoy @Mikkaz_Shirts,

the mentioned payout is an NA payout. For your NA-Account you entered a paypal-adress and we transfered the money to that paypal adress.
Did you mix up your EU and NA-account?

No didn’t mix up EU and NA Account.

I just didn’t get the payment for April 2021 on NA Account and still waiting.

I got PayPal payment for Mai but not for April!