Successfully uploaded svg files, but can't combine them

I successfully created and uploaded 2 svg files to put on the sleeves of some products. I am able to put a PNG in the front of a shirt, and svg in one of the sleeves. I am able to put nothing front or back, and both svg files in each sleeve. But I cannot put a png in the front and the svg on both sleeves (I get the “designs can’t be combined” error).

Why would this occur? the svgs work fine, as they are placed perfectly when I put nothing in front or back. And it’s weird that i can put a graphic on the front and one of the sleeves. So why wouldn’t I be able to have stuff in the front and in both sleeves, when all the graphics have already been processed successfully, they just can’t be combined in certain ways.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ahoy @MaxDeLaMouse

could you please give me the Design IDs so I can check whats wrong.

Best Rico

Front ID: 1044321275
Right sleeve ID: 1044322141
Left sleeve ID: 1044322212

Thanks already for looking into this.

Ahoy @MaxDeLaMouse,

I tested it myself and you’re right, this behavior is weird. I forwarded it to the colleagues. Cross fingers that this will be fixed soon. I’ll keep you updated on this issue.

Best Rico

Ahoy @MaxDeLaMouse,

we found the issue - in fact there were 2 issues. one on your side and one on our side.

on your side: you probably vectorized the logo for the sleeve design. There is a very thin rectangle line around the circle of your logo (I made a screenshot).

This is the reason why this design in general is not suitable for the flexprint which is the only possible printing method for sleeves. So you need to remove this rectangle from your design and additionally you should only place 2 logos on top of each other. Why? - If you create a Multiple Printarea Object it has to fit for all possible products and printareas. But the sleeve printareas on the shirt-sleeves are very small. So the system recognises that when downscaling the design to that printarea the details will get to small to print in Flexprint. If you only place 2 Logos on top of each other it will work:

The issue on our side: The user interface is somewhat confusing and not particularly logical. Even if you were able to create an Multiple Printarea Object with your 2 designs on the sleeves, you will see when you go into the products that these two designs have not ended up on the sleeves of the T-shirts, but on the front and back print areas. The system has recognised that your 2 sleeve designs do not fit for the sleeves of all products and has therefore switched to the front and back print areas. Therefore, although it is possible to create such an MPA, it results in shirts landing on the wrong print areas and you cannot combine a third design.

However, the solution is to place only 2 logos below each other for your sleeve designs. Then you can create the MPA.

I see, thanks for the input. I will fix that white line area of the sleeves, and I’ll follow your advice of only using 2 logos instead of 4. I’ll update this post if needed.

Yeah - let me know if this worked.

Yes, your system definitely doesn’t like the 4 logos on the sleeve, I put only two, and now everything works. I wanted to have the sleeves of longer apparel more widely covered, but it seems that it cannot be done, so the short print option is ok.

Thanks for your support.

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