Tax Problems

Why I didn’t receive my payout email yesterday?? I went to your forums to check if someone posted about it and I noticed the thread about the new verifications after after I got a lot of sales so I went to my account and there was nothing there, NO Message! So I went to the tax and payment detail page and my paypal address is not there anymore, also there is a blue message saying to adjust my tax settings which I have already done years ago. What is going on?? I hope I am going to receive my payout this month!!! User ID: 302371498

I just want to add that I filled out all the tax forms and they were accepted by you a year or two ago. I don’t understand what is going on now, there is nothing mentioned what the problem is, all it says is “Please click here to adjust your tax settings”. What am I supposed to adjust when everything was fine until this payout!! I didn’t change anything in my settings and I. Have not received any letters from you recently! I really need this sorted out quickly because I need this payout in my account or I’m in serious trouble.

User ID: 302371498

Please let me know what’s going on. Thanks.


Same here. It is not just you. There is apparently a bug in the system, that erased payout and tax information from a bunch of people.

I will find out what happend. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

same problem did not receive my .com email and the credit did not transferred for payout…for eu I received the email but my credit is still there and not gone to 0

Thanks for replying. For some reason all my tax information and my payout email were erased from my account and spreadshirt kept telling me that I never sent them the tax forms which I did. I found a sent email from February 2018 with the form attached to their taxation department. Just to be safe I sent them a new form and just a few minutes ago I received a payout email. The money is not in my PayPal yet but I’m confident it will get there soon. My credit was not reset to zero until about 30 minutes ago. I’m sure all of you will get your money but it’s going to be a little late.


I forgot to add that I’m in the UK and the payout was from .com.

Com email is in now for mine as well. So the payout will follow shortly.

It usually takes 24 hours after I receive the email to get my money in my PayPal account. Hopefully this time we won’t have to wait this long.

I just wonder if people got tax deducted from their payouts if spreadshirt erased their tax info?


Mine didn’t get deducted. But I can’t tell if this is because of my old or my new w8ben.

Mine wasn’t deducted but I sent them my new w8ben yesterday and I got an email this morning telling me that it was accepted. I would be furious if they deducted tax and I did everything that was supposed to be done to have zero deductions.