Templates aren't loading!

After updating a template to include the new products (except I don’t see the Christmas stocking anywhere) and saving it, I can’t apply any templates to new uploads. I just get a cute little sad face icon under Load Product Templates.

Needless to say, it would be impossible to deal with adding designs if this feature isn’t working.

Thanks for any help.

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Ahoy @Rusty_Gadget_Design,

we have some issues with the new stockings. This is the reason why also the templates with those new products dont load. Please leave the stockings out and wait until we fixed this problem.
After we found and fixed the bug you can simply add the products via the product wizard.
I cant promise that the templates you created with the new products will work afterwards.
I’m very sorry about this.

I hope this helps.
Best Rico

Hi Rico,

I think I wasn’t very clear about my problem.

I don’t even see the stockings anywhere, so they aren’t on any templates. That issue was just a small aside wondering where that new product was.

The REAL problem is that I can’t access ANY templates of any kind. I don’t get a list at all. No built-in ones, no old ones I made before, no new ones. None.

I just get the sad face and can’t pick any templates.

Ahoy @Rusty_Gadget_Design,

does the issue still exist? The colleagues fund a bug and fixed it. Let me know if its still impossible to load any templates. I checked it by myself by looking into your account and was able to see and load all templates.
Let me know if the bug still occurs.

Best Rico

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Ahoy Rico!

Looks like it’s been fixed! Thanks to you and colleagues for looking into it and getting it to work again.

Thank you!!


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