Thanks for new streamlined design upload, but please iron out remaining big issues

Hi, my account was finally moved over to the new system recently. Thank you very much for creating an amazing streamlined tool for uploading new designs! Probably many people was waiting a long time for it (I know it was released much earlier before the move over of old accounts).

Too bad the translation part of it is clearly causing issues for most people, or let’s face it, at least it’s being really counter-intuitive. I already wasted two long nights on something that could have taken maybe one hour.

It would be a big nod to the Spreadshirt designer community to revise the last big issue with uploading designs, to allow using English descriptions and tags. Just add a check-box to let the designer choose if it’s a local or international design? (I do know that development isn’t exactly that simple though when taking into account the technical details).

I tried to put up four new designs internationally, however they were only released on the Finnish marketplace. I checked the forum and apparently you’re supposed to write your tags and descriptions in the country specific language. (Which is a bit silly, at least half of the tags I wanted to use are not translatable in a good way to Finnish).

So anyway, I tried to delete any english words from the descriptions, because according to one moderator post, that is supposed to re-start the translation process, but that didn’t help.

After that I deleted the four new designs completely and re-uploaded them fresh while being really careful to only use Finnish words, still again all four designs were only uploaded to the Finnish marketplace although the designs are clearly completely international.

I sent a support request with design id’s to ask if you kindly could check what’s wrong and/or release the designs for all european marketplaces.

As a workaround, is it possible to create an account on or even though I’m located in Finland to be able to use English tags?

It’s a bit disheartening that you have to be afraid every time you upload a new design, that your designs are indeed not uploaded internationally. This was the exact reason why I never updated to the new designer until i was moved over.

Still thanks for the fab new updates, hopefully you keep ironing out remaining issues.

Best regards

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