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We’ll try to sort you out with @Lena_Spreadshirt and especially @Thomas_Spreadshirt :wink:

Today we have released a new version of the product feed. It fixes a bug that caused the Merchant Center to reject articles because of a missing GTIN.
I recommend uploading your feed again to Google Merchant Center and wait until all products are finally processed. You should not experience any critical GTIN related error messages - marked in red -

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Hello, I have set up my facebook pixel and under “Product data sources” the status says all good.

However under “Diagnostics” I get the following error message:

100.0% of views can’t be retargeted

Based on website views on 31 Jul 2019

20 of 20 website views on 31 Jul 2019 can’t be retargeted with dynamic ads, because 6 products are missing from your catalogs.

How to fix it:

Check that the content ID in your pixel installation for each missing product matches a product ID in your catalogues.

Also, under “Event data sources” the following message:

[100.0% of views on 31 Jul can’t be retargeted]

Do you know how to fix this?

Hello and welcome!
Sorry for my late reply but we are currently in the middle of vacation season.

In case you are planning to use Facebook Ads to retarget website visitors, I only propose this if you have a serious amount of regular visitors available. If you are not planning to invest into Facebook Ads, the error message shoul not bother you at all. The funcitionality of the feed is still given.

But let’s see what the message exactly says:
Only 6 out of your Shop’s 3200+ product combinations are not available to Facebook. This is what I would call a non-significant quote. There´s a high chance that FB finds another 6 items to display within an ad.

If you have edited any product within your shop AFTER you have uploaded your product feed to Facebook the FB Pixel tool might be looking for a product/design combination which is no longer available in your live environment.
In these cases just re-upload / update the feed within your FB product source settings. :slight_smile:

Hello Thomas, thanks for the reply. I got sidetracked so I haven’t looked at the Forum for a while but your reply seems to make sense! I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if I think something’s not right.
In the meantime thanks for your help.