Topics missing?!?


What happend to my topics after migration? I had organized all designs in many separate topics and after migration they don’t exist anymore. Can you please fix that?

My shop:

Just noticed that you have added “thousands” of products in some designs, and that shirts witch I had locked to one color is available in all colors. My whole shop is fucked up after this migration :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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…and most of my designs and products keywords is gone and replaced with 1,2,3. AND all the products descriptions that we had spent many hours on is also gone.

Have you even beta tested this migration before putting it live?


Welcome to the partner area. Yes, it does look unfamiliar but we are convinced that you will quickly get acquainted. I’m here for any questions you might have.

As explained here back in March categories were not migrated:

You can now easily create Topics:

Can you give us a specific example? We tried to match the color pattern in the migration so this should not be the case. So any example would be helpful :slight_smile:

We grouped all the products you created with the same design to one design. You can easily adpat the product range and then also save it as a template and apply it to other designs:

We are looking into this. You had only descrptions for products. The partner area, however is based on designs (and the products are just attached to the designs). That means only meta data per design is important for the partner area. Descriptions like “This T-shirt/Mug is awesome because etc. etc. …” do not make sense in the partner area which is why they were not migrated.
There’s also a bulk action to add keywords to your designs.

No, you said it would be replaced with “topics”. Not that all existing categorys woldn’t be migrated. Yes, I have now created new topics for several hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a typicle example of a design wich I had on a few products. Now It’s on 119 different products with poor placement on most of them so I have to delete almost everyone and start over. And there is several examples that has been over hundred new products efter the migration. (it was also locked to one shirt color).

Most keywords popped up after a while, so now I just have to adjust it on maybe 20% of the designs. And fortunate, I had saved a database from the old system with all descriptions on my products until 2017. That saved me some hours.

You also published this design on the Marketplace. In this case, we published the design on all product types in order to increase your chances to sell on the Marketplace. The effect in your Shop is that this will also mean that all product types are switched on for your Shop. This is easily adjustable :slight_smile: