Vector guidance needed

Yes, I did read the “Optimizing Vector graphics” article. However, this article talks about absolute sizes in cm and mm, which confuses me. We are talking about a scalable vector here. I can choose to place a design at very different print sizes in the tool, which will affect small details. My design will be considerably larger on a T-shirt than on a coffee mug, right?

So - I have a few files that upload cleanly as SVGs, then some are in need of “optimization” in order to use as vector. The results are NOT good, esp for text elements (that have been converted to closed curves). The weird thing is that only certain letters are affected even if they have the same weight in my design program. Sometimes, the openings in letters like A, B, D etc can be lost as well in this conversion. So, I believe my files are clean vectors, but that something is misinterpreted in the upload post-processor. One file in question has only filled curves, no separate lines at all.

Main reason for wanting to use the vector format is that I can then choose print colors of the design to be readable and optimised for certain product colours. Having a black and white logo is nice, but it won’t print well on a black or white shirt. Changing the design’s color by product is a great feature.

Any additional info around this topic that can be shared for my better understanding of file requirements?


The mm/ cm are mentioned to visualize the interval/ interspace for the printability which - I guess - is usually a t-shirt size.

U cannot use too thin lines and too small spaces between the lines for the vector-print.

That means: If you make a 1-, 2- or 3 - color design for vektor printing it need to be a design that is made with a bit bigger lines than a usual drawing. Color-areas need to have a certain size (not too small).

Even emty (negative) spaces between 2 lines (where no color is) need to have a certain minimum gap.

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Thanks @Nikosmos !

The troubeling areas have been around text set in very light type, so that might be a reason why. Will try to redesign with a more robust font to see if that helps.

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