Visitor count

Is they a way to see how many visitors I get to my spreadshirt store, or my spreadshop?
I know I can use google analytics in spreadshop. But that is hard to understand. I have to read more about how that works.

But I can’t find anything about that for the marketplace.

All I need is a simple visitor count.

Ahoy @designedbyjohn,

for all questions regarding your Spreadshop please use the shop-forum:

Best Rico

If I understand @designedbyjohn correct, he also asked for a visitor counter for the marketplace (showroom).

Yes. Because I didn’t find anything about GA for the market place account.

Ahoy @designedbyjohn and @HerrFaulbaum,

currently it is not possible to connect Google Analytics with the showroom as technically the whole marketplace is one huge shop in our hands - so every showroom is currently only a special page of that single “shop” and can therefore not be connected with GA separatly for every Partner.
But we already discussed the possibility to see the traffic for each showroom but there is no agreement on this yet, as there are also some good reasons against it.