Waiting on projects acceptation

Hello. I am new “designer” ;). I’ve created few projects but since 3 days my acceptation of those projects is still pending. How much time it takes normaly? All best.

Hey @User_EU-83381320,

due to the corona crisis some of our processes have changed:

It could take a while until your designs passed the check. This depends on the overall uploads and can take up to 8-10 days. Sorry

No. It’s ok. I understand the situation. I am new one in this business so I didn’t know how it works. I know that this situation is not simple for anyone.
So I will be waiting.
All best. Much health.

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Thanks for your understanding.

I’ve waited for around 21 days for a design to be accepted, is this to be considered as normal for this special times?

Hey @KommunalPaprika,

can you give me a designID? I will check that. That seems to be a very long time - even for these special times.

Hey @KommunalPaprika,

I can’t find any account of yours? Where did you try to upload your designs? Can you provide a screenshot, an accountname or a designID?