What triggers "Rights Unaccounted For" on designs?

I’m new to this, so thought I’d ask: what triggers a “rights unaccounted for” rejection? I’ve had (I think) 7 designs get rejected for this reason–this even happened with identical designs where the only difference between the two were the size and resolution. Design-wise, there was absolutely no difference between the two, but one was published and the other one was rejected due to “rights unaccounted”.

Sorry if this has been asked a lot…when I did a search for this forum it came up empty, and as I was typing out this post I got a notice on the right side that said “Your topic is similar to…”–and then showed me a post that was in German lol…anyway, any help or advice is appreciated. I’ve already been downgraded to “Lost In Space” status or whatever it’s called due to it.

Hi, unfortunately I can’t answer questions like these here in the forum, sorry.
Please be so kind and write a mail to our responsible colleagues under verify@spreadshirt.com. Thank you for your patience.