When is the "Print on both sides" option coming BACK?

I am in the works of starting out a spreadshirt shop with my own designs. But as I can tell There is only an option to have 1 motive per shirt. I have friends that have multiple designs on theirs ex: https://shop.spreadshirt.se/NTKlife/backpackwheelieboyz+ntk+front-A111058767

I have read in other forum posts that this feature will be somewhat implemented (Q2), and my question is simply IS THIS TRUE AND WHEN IS THIS EXPECTED (TO COME BACK)?
Why I write “come back” is becuase clearly people have had this option before in what i presume an old interface.

Would be nice to have!
Greatings from Sweden /Dan

Hejssan, Dan :slight_smile:

This feature request is often in the backlog and there was a time when it was planned for Q2/Q3, but unfortunately other features have been prioritised and multiple print areas won’t be available for quite a while.

I’m very sorry to bring these news, but the level of complexity that comes with this feature is higher than expected and we have some other features and projects that currently have higher priority.

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Hey Sara,
we’re now in Q4 and i can not find the feature? Is it still not there yet?

It’s not there yet - but it WILL be introduced. We have received confirmation :v:

@Lena_Spreadshirt will surely keep you updated when there’s more to tell :wink:

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