Why do my published designs do not appear on the marketplace?

Hey guys,

I published them first of all on the UK MP. After they were approved there (and i can find them there just fine) I published them also on the German and French MP (after creating new products with them ofcourse).

However, after 3 days they still cannot be found on them:



Ehm… anyone there? :wink:

So they are published on German and French MP, but as you said, by searching them, they don´t show up. We´ll have a look why that is.

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Thanks Alex! Hope you can figure out what is the problem.

Hi Alex,

Any news already?


No, sorry. They are on f.e.x German MP but also not showing up in your Showroom. We still looking into this.

As far as I can see, the Products are not published to f.ex. DE Marketplace.

Pls recheck.

if I check here: https://www.spreadshirt.de/userarea/meine-designs-C4435
So the Meine Designs auf dem Marktplatz page, I see all 3 motivs with titel, beschreibung and stichwörter there correctly.

Before I published them to the DE and FR marketplaces, I created some products with them (like it always worked before), so why would the design be on the marketplace but the product not…

Just to make clear, how it worked in the past was:

Upload design (design hochladen)
Create product with it (produkt damit gestalten)
Publish design on MP (design veröffentlichen)

And with that the design would be published on the marketplace of that language together with the products created with that design.

Clearly in this particular case that didn’t go correctly.

Sorry for not coming back to you in a decent amount of time.

It should work like that:

  • if article is created before design is published, the article is published with the design
  • if article is created after design was published, the article has to be published again

Thanks. So I did do it correct and it was in this case for some reason not working…

Hi Ellumination, if you are using the ‘new’ partner area:

You have about 40% chance with the new partner area that your designs are posted internationally.
No one at Spreadshirt seems to care, want to help or fix the problem or can tell how it works with a 100% guarantee.