Why hot pants are just available in white, and not in black?

Hello i wanna ask why hot pants are just available in white, i would like to design them but need them in black color, also why you dont put them in the marketplace like t-shirts ? I seen the hot pants if i design them they are gooing into the basket…

Would be great if you can incorporate the hot pants also in the marketplace so we can create them and sell them in our shop later on.


If I recall right, it’s due to print technic reasons: we cannot print them with digital direct.

Unfortunately I doubt that we’ll get underwear in the shop assortment any time soon - they haven’t performed very well outside Valentine’s Day.

If ever we do add it to the assortment, you’ll find out in our product news :slight_smile:

Hello Sara,

thanks for the fast answer, so is there no way to order black hotpants and put them in my branded shop soon ?

Also how long does it takes until i see all my designs ready to sell online, i designed a few shirts 2-3 days ago but atm its just the snapbackhat online…

Hotpants? I never saw those?