Why is my design is considered not to be fit for kids and babies when I just have doughnuts in it?

Why is the doughnut said to be not-allowed to kids or babies.

Did you check your keywords/description to see if there’s anything not suitable for children in it? Try to upload it without keywords and description and do it after the automatic review.

thanks a lot ! I will try that!..thank you so much!

Ahoy @Dshirtsly,

it is probably beacuse of the tag “beer”. But just removing it wont be the solution. You need to contact legal@spreadshirt.net and mention the designID and that you deleted this tag as well so they can remove the 18+ status for this design.

For future uploads always keep in mind to avoid such terms if you want to publish your designs on kids products as well.

Did you find the answer? I’m just curious