Why wont my vector .svg file upload

Hello :wave:
Im trying to upload a vectorized.svg for my shop but it keeps saying format not supported does anyone know how to fix this?

Hey @Djcoldcrown,

do your files meet our requirements for vectorfiles. If so and if it’s still not possible to upload please send me one of your files so i could check wats wrong.

I am having the same issue, I followed all the recommendations and tried multiple different files along with different setting configurations. This seems to be a very hard issue to resolve. Using Adobe Illustrator how do we do this?

Ahoy @scottschibes,

I will send you a private message on which you can answer and attach your file. I will have a look what the issue is.

I have the same problem.
Please send me an email so that i can attach my file

Thank you in advanced

Hey @User_EU-8c60c50e
I have send you a private message where you can answer on.

Best Rico

I am having the same issue. Can you send me the link to upload SVG properly?

@Rico_Spreadshirt can you help me too?
I tried several options, but the file isn’t accepted.

Your logo is just not suitable for a vectorfile. the linewith is way to small and also the space between single shapes is to small (e.g. the space between the twoo camera-logo elements).
Why dont you just export your vectorfile as png? Of course you wont be able to change colors in your partnerarea afterwards but since it is a logo and a logo should have fixed colors I dont understand why you would need this possibilities?

Best Rico

I wan’t to use the logo for embroidery on a hoodie if that’s possible.
That’s the reason why I want to upload it as a vectorfile.

Do you see any possibility to make it ready for embroidery?

So you want to order it for yourself? Because Embroidery is only available for customers not for partners.
And as I said - the lines are way to thin and the space between elements is to small. Try to think about the process of embroidery - the machine needs to stich and therefore the elements need to be bigger. Your Font and the logo is just to filigree.
If you can manage this then you have to upload your designs here: Create your own | Spreadshirt

Yes, I want to order it for our self.
So you say that our logo is not supported for embroidery?

If you don’t adapt your logo, your logo can’t be realised. It is simply not possible. You can still order a hoodie or shirt with normal DD-printing method.

I’m having the same issue. Followed the instructions and changed the SVG file, but still no success.

Having the same issue with a png file.