Why wont my vector .svg file upload

Hello :wave:
Im trying to upload a vectorized.svg for my shop but it keeps saying format not supported does anyone know how to fix this?

Hey @Djcoldcrown,

do your files meet our requirements for vectorfiles. If so and if it’s still not possible to upload please send me one of your files so i could check wats wrong.

I am having the same issue, I followed all the recommendations and tried multiple different files along with different setting configurations. This seems to be a very hard issue to resolve. Using Adobe Illustrator how do we do this?

Ahoy @scottschibes,

I will send you a private message on which you can answer and attach your file. I will have a look what the issue is.

I have the same problem.
Please send me an email so that i can attach my file

Thank you in advanced

Hey @User_EU-8c60c50e
I have send you a private message where you can answer on.

Best Rico