Wont accept my images grrrrr

No matter what I DO I cant get this site to accept my images. It’s a png. No background. I’ve got three images none of them will load. I can load my little ones with just a number on them, but not my more complex images. Theres no trancpaeancy man…its just a checkered background.
I even used "stroke to put a big black line around the stuf and it still wont accept it…
Im about to give up…ive been at this all day.
I READ everything it says to DO…
WHY wont this dam thing accept my image??
It’s the right size ect

Ahoy @User_NA-fbae125d,

I had a short look into your account and did not found a single rejected design. There is only one design in your account that still is not checked and therefore not online because you are in the startergroup where all designs have to be checked first until they will be visible in your showroom. This checking-process can take a while but it doesnt mean that your designs got rejected.
Or is there something I missed? If you meant another design you could message me a link to your design via private message and I will have a look. But if you are talking about the design in your account - you just have to wait.
And if you want to step up to starclass 2 (where all new uploaded designs will be visible instantly right after you uploaded them) then you have to successfully publish 10 designs first. So you need 10 designs going through the first checkingprocess. You could just upload 10 designs and click on publish - so you only have to wait once instead of wating 10 times for evera design each…

Best Rico

Oh no, sorry for rhe confussion, theeybhavent been rejected by you guys, i meant i cant get them to upload at all!
I get the red X of death !
Now ive done everything to eliminate transparent pixels…i really cant figure it out…

Ahoy @User_NA-fbae125d,

if you have issues with the upload then it has nothing to do with transpatrent background or halftransparencies as those criterias will only be checked after the upload.
My guess would be a broken or wrong fileformat.
You could send me a googledrive-link with your files or something simila so I can have a look whats wrong. I will send you a private message you can answer on and attach your link.

I hope this will help.


Buen día quisiera su ayuda soy nueva.
Yo misma hago mis diseños en canva (pago mi suscripción) pero cuando publico mi diseño me sale Motivo de Rechazo:Derechos no contabilizados.
Quisiera que me explique que significa y como puedo solucionarlo.


Ya te he contestado en el otro hilo.

Saludos Rico