Zero sales

I think I need some feedback here. For the last 2 months I have ZERO sales. (except one… I bought it myself)

I advertise on Facebook. (paid and non-paid) at least 3 times a week. (even with professional/hired help)
I advertise on Instagram (paid and non-paid) at least 3 times a week
I use placeit for nice model images. I tried a lot of things as suggested on Spreadshirt, but nothing helps.

Is it my products/designs? My website? I really have no clue. I could really need some help other than the blog posts which I tried.

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Mh… very hard to answer, as paid advertising is very dependent on accurate targeting, paired with appealing ad assets.

I know that you have very good graphic design content, and your model images are very well selected.
Overall your shop and social channels look great. :+1: So this part of your homework is done.

One thing that surprised me instantly is the engagement rate on your FB site.
Though you have reached >4k followers there´s nearly no interaction with your posts.
This can be caused because of bad quality of recruited followers or by FB´s relevancy algorythm “Edgerank”. (I would need another thread to explain it´s parameters) This algorythm scores your content based up on 3 major properties.
And I also would need to have more insights into your community’s health, by looking at specific stats.
To me it looks like you are not achieving the full potential reach anymore: Means: you are not visible in your fans timeline any longer.

In general I´d suggest these things:

  • spend 3-5€ on daily FB group ads, to attract fresh new fans
  • post more biker relevant content that your audience can relate to (fun pictures, facts, interesting stuff - do not post only external links! FB does not weight that as valuable)
  • do this daily 1-5 times (yes, it´s a lot of work)
    *reduce the ammount of posts that only have the goal of selling your products drastically.
    Only post them when promotions are running.
    *include your audience into your page activities

This will take a lot of time, but after 1-2 months your audience as well as your reach will be back up and make it much more easier to attract people.

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Thank you for your feedback Thomas. I will do my best. As for the 4K followers… those are just numbers. I bought that service via a freelance channel, so those are not targeted. I have at most 200 real followers.

About external links… what do you mean by that? Not using too much the shortlinks… or normal links?

When having this kind of FB page: Think of what excites you at other pages? What do they offer that makes you at least to a like their posts. This is what you need to understand and to attract your audience, too.
This kind of “eye catching” content is king.

What I mean with “avoiding external links” :
If you post YouTube videos, or share posts from external blogs, Facebook does not consider these links as very valuable or unique content. For FB it´s just a shared link. It´s nothing you created.

Images, videos and texts originally posted by you, are much more valued. FB honors these posts with a much higher reach (within your audience)

As you only have 200 “real” followers you definately need to increase that ammount.
Your first goal should be to achieve 1000 real followers.

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Ok, I understand the term “external links” now. But if I want to post fun facts etc… I still need to share other people’s stuff, because I can not fabricate that myself. For example… I want to share that Harley-Davidson is 100 years today. Then I have to download a relevant picture (because I am not present at the celebration in the USA) and write the text. That would still be a copyright issue, because it’s not my picture. (or text if I copy that too)

I can imagin creating original fun facts a few times a month… but not a few times a day. Any ideas?

By the way… here are some stats of last month with professional marketing and real followers.

Yap. I know that this is a hard shift from running an online shop to becoming a content creator…
But that´s needed, if you don´t already have a following.
Your shop already is great, so you can now focus on professionalizing your social channels.
Focus on content, not selling. IF you do your job good, sales will follow.

In this example of the Harley birthday… I´d search for a CC-licenced image, or any birthday related stock image that is under common licence. Use this, write a short note about the occasion and put it out there.

then you go next.
You can also document how you are working on a design… show your audience what you are doing.
What concerns you, what drives you. “Document. Don’t create.”

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Thank you for all your tips & tricks Thomas (TTT :joy:)

Have a nice weekend!

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Can you send me private message, with screenshots of your “insights” tab of your page?
You need to set the date range filter from the earliest available date until today.
I`ll need:
*insights from the “reach” tab
*insights from the “follower” tab
*insights from the “likes” tab

With these three it may be easier to analyse your audience’s development. (just to make sure my thesis is correct)

U can buy a little toy motorbike and a toy biker on the flohmarkt and make a jouney with him. What he does all day. Seeing things. >Having accidents, cleaning his bike. Buying clothing, getting drawned in a sea of spaghetti and reading children books in his bed with a flashlight- under the bedcover. So u can make content. ^^ XD


Although this is a bit too childish for my taste and my potential customers… I do get the way you are thinking. :wink: For now I am gonna post some regular topics. Like every wednesday… BIKE OF THE WEEK. I know a custom bike photographer (for magazines) and he allows me to show his pictures when I credit him too. Ofcourse I am gonna upload the pictures myself and not sharing it from another link.
Besides that, I am gonna share some biker fun… and I am gonna share my own biker meetings, custom shows I am gonna attend, biker party’s etc. etc. And ofcourse still some clothing ads. :wink:

Thanks for your input guys! :wink:

your work is very professional! At social media like FB one has to meet the emotion of the people meeting … and who buys something on facebook ?
I have never bought anything on Facebook or have any plans.
please do not make the same mistake as me and others who only concentrate purely on Spreadshirt Spreadshop. Spreadshirt is very strange compared to any other POD. If you already know about web pages then it will not be hard to add products from amazon or redbubble …

your pinterest you should edit in any case, left an abo there ^ ^

What is pinterest good for?

Great for research!


Ja. Thats true. But for posting spread-shirts?

Why not? Nowadays it’s a simple click to post the designs incl. mockups on all social media platforms.

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hey thomas…i need help please how can i message you privately please?

Just skimmed through this post. It would be the right time to change your designs, graphics and the way you promote.

Well, what about social media marketing? There are a lot of tools that can boost the number of followers and increase sales. If you’re doing content marketing, then social media is one of the best venues you have for promoting your content. You can use help of influencers as well.