Zip Hoodie Designs

I’m not understanding what happened, because I was able to use .SVG files no problem with zip hoodies and now not a single .SVG file I design works with multiple sides. I put the .SVG file alone and the zip hoodie is selectable with all 4 sides.

I put anything else with it and it is no longer selectable. This is absolutely frustrating because it was possible before and now even with designs used earlier on, creating a different item with those same designs that I have made zip hoodies with in the past are also no longer making zip hoodies selectable which leads me to believe there is an issue on Spreadshirt’s end.

I would really like to understand why this is happening. It’s downright defeating to not be able to make zip hoodies, I’ve gone through all .SVG types and different designs and nothing works anymore. As soon as they’re put together with any design, zip hoodies are off the table.

I’ve provided photos to show you how it’s available for zip hoodies in the old design but the new design with the same files are now making the zip hoodies no longer available

Ahoi @The_M-Balm_Effect,

I would generally advise you not to create products with multiple print areas. Two print areas are in most cases still unproblematic, but as soon as you add a third, it becomes difficult.
There are print areas that only allow flex print, i.e. require a vector file, and there are print areas that can only be printed with DD.
As soon as you combine several designs, the system tries to arrange the designs in such a way that no problems arise on the print areas. On sleeves, for example, a vector graphic is generally possible, but because the print area is very small, the vector file may have to be scaled down so that the requirements for the flex print may no longer be met. Then, for example, the smallest elements are smaller than 1.5mm due to the downscaling of the graphic.
In addition, products with multiple print areas are subject to a much higher number of complaints, because customers are often not aware that multiple print areas are printed - they often only see one print area in the view.
As you can see, multiple print objects cause more problems than they help.
Limit yourself to 2 print areas and you will have less problems.

I cant say, why you where able to create products with 3 printareas in the past with the very same designs - Maybe you have changed something and the requirements are no longer met - for example, by reducing the size?

I hope this helps.