Personalised Umbrellas from Spreadshirt!


Customise Umbrellas using Spreadshirt's innovative designer

Spreadshirt’s personalised umbrellas let you survive the rain in style. You can survive the day travelling the rainy streets in London by grabbing one of our personalised umbrellas. Whether it’s a park, a street or a beach, the rain cannot harm you when you travel with Spreadshirt.

Spreadshirt makes it easy to have a personalised umbrella. With Spreadshirt’s fantastic collection of designs, you can personalise your own umbrella and while you're at it, you can make your own personalised mug to go with it. If one of our designs don’t pique your interest you can always use our impressive T-Shirt Maker to create your own design by adding your own text, images, and designs to your very own personalised umbrella. Take that old, plain umbrella and throw it into the wind and accept the wonders of a personalised umbrella from Spreadshirt.

The Ever Changing Umbrella

The umbrella is as old as time, as long as there has been humans getting wet, there have been humans wanting to avoid getting wet. The ancient Egyptians were among the first to develop umbrellas, using modified palm leaves and coloured feathers affixed to a long handle. The umbrella was developed around the world as it stands as a testament to the human’s need to stay out of the sun and to keep dry.

The ancient Chinese were well known for creating their very own personalised umbrellas. While not as modern as Spreadshirt’s they share the same spirit: letting the user express themselves while avoiding the elements. We believe that you should be able to customise everything in your environment, and that includes personalising bags, hats and scarfs, so whatever weather the world throws at you, you’ll be prepared. Being able to match every part of your outfit means that even if the weather turns nasty, you’ll still be looking bright and cheerful.

Spreadshirt is in a long line of personalised umbrella makers and we are proud of this tradition.