Country selector with embedded shop


Is it possible to enable the country selector when using the javascript embedded code?

I actived ‘All languages’ but the javascript uses 1 specific locale, which i do not want.

<div id="myShop">
<a href="">hodler</a>

var spread_shop_config = {
    shopName: 'hodler',
    locale: 'nl_EU',
    prefix: '',
    baseId: 'myShop'
}; </script>

<script type="text/javascript"
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Hi @hodler,

Internationalization is not supported in javascript integrated shops.

Thanks for your reply.

Is there a particular reason why its not supported?
Will it be added in the future?

The best I can come up with is locale: ‘en_EU’ in this scenario

It was not implemented because it does not provide a convincing user experience if the embedding page remains in a single language but the shop’s language can be switched. As most webpages do not have a domain for every language, language switching is not possible right now.

If you want a truly international page, you need to implement multiple entry points on your site. in these different entry points, the shop can be embedded with different locale parameters
e.g.: => embed with locale: "en_GB" => embed with locale: “fr_FR”

Concerning your question: “Will it be added in the future?” - The answer I received from our developers was “Could be, but no plans right now afaik”

Hope this helps!

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So if I understand correct, we have to create more shop pages… for example… if I want 5 languages, I have to duplicate my shop 4 times… on every page another JS with the locales I want. To my opinion shopowners are very limited by Spreadshirt by not having this feature. The best working shop is a shop on Spreadshirt domain extension, which is not fair i.m.o. It’s a choice between creating my own identity or 100% functionality.

Anyway, we have no choice but your alternative. Can you please give me the locales for Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian?

Kind regards, AJ

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By the way, the reason doesn’t make sense if there is no other language in the embedding page. My (new) embedding page is not gonna have a menu itself, so the only text which will be visible is the content/menu from Spreadshirt. (from the Javascript) It will be a single HTML page, so the shop page will be landingpage too. That means visitors won’t have to deal with 2 languages on one page. :sunglasses:

There’s a list of locales right here: