Old style accounts to new style accounts

Gosh I hope not any time soon. Those who want to operate the new admin can open a second account. I’m so glad I didn’t volunteer, when the mail came and asked for testers. I still prefer the old uploader and I like combining two flex designs. If spreadshirt is truly dumping this option in the future, I’ll be even more active on zazzle because I kind of like playing creatively with my designs and the text option. Though the chaos spreadshirt made in that department is pretty annoying. The messed up products on my profile page hardy inspire trust in the ability of spreadshirt in new leads / new potential customers.


Hi @CardVibes, a migration from the old user area for simple use cases will hopefully happen next year. For more comlicated use-cases the migration to the new partner area will take more time. We will keep you updated in time for any upcoming changes.

Hi @Lena_Spreadshirt,

What’s the difference betwee simple and complicated cases?

Simple use case would be a partner that created products with just one design in one print area.
Difficult use case would be a partner that create products with multiple designs in multiple print areas with text as well.

Warum das intakt blieb:

und das verspult ist, ergibt sich nicht wirklich aus der Logik easy und difficult

Der Text blieb gleich ich habe nur die Designs ausgetauscht. seufz

Meine Profilseite im US-Account sieht noch schlimmer aus. Ach es betrifft ausserdem auch Produkte der letzen Wochen
Das “Toucan do it” sollte korrekter Weise nah am Vogel erscheinen und nicht am Shirtbündchen.

Hi @YASH2 please stick to English if you are commenting in the English-speaking section :slight_smile:

Not sure what you are referring to exactly? Are those deisgns from the new partner area vs the old user area? Can you please provide some more info? Thanks.

I reported this issue to partner@… labeled as bugreport. I received an answer. Because I use the old system and your marktplace displays according to rules in the new system, your systems messes these products up. Seriously I and probably any customers couldn’t care less that you reorganize and rewrite the program in the background, I and they expect that once you have a nice design it stays nice, so programming the transition should include taking care of these issues.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who encounters these issues and since the new system is currently a step backwards to the abilities the old system provides, I really don’t want to switch, so don’t offer.

These messed up products reflect on spreadshirt and their abilities than on mine and it is your mess, not mine. These shirts look fine in my backadmnin, just as I designed them. You’re system is flawed.

I have never heard of this problem and I’m sorry you received such an answer. I will have these examples checked and I will get back to you. Thanks for your patience.

This is worrying. Spreadshirts’ answers are vague. I use the old style designer - so multiple images and text possible. I am unable to pin them down to what happens when they migrate a site such as mine. I suspect my existing designs will no longer work - forcing shop owners down the single image route. So no possibility of branding, etc.

It looks like it’s time to leave Spreadshirt. Some baffling decisions.

Ho hum.

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Is there any more news on this please?

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You mean the migration over to the new side? It’s planned for this year, but unfortunately we don’t have a clear timeline because of the many interdependencies.

We are finalising some projects however that will enable adding new features and thus make the migration more feasible. It all sounds a bit vague now, I know :slight_smile:

But we will communicate about these releases via our newsletter & on our blog so stay tuned.

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Yes, I meant the migration. OK, thanks, I’ll keep a lookout. Is there any problem with opening a second account in the meantime so I can do new stuff in the new area?

Nope not at all - go ahead, by all means :slight_smile:

Personally, I prefer by far the new area, even with its’ shortcomings. The logic & ease of use is - in my opinion - incomparable and it has the flexibility to eventually cater much better to a larger amount of use cases and specific needs.

Thanks. What are the main shortcomings people are finding?

So sorry for not replying, your response had somehow slipped through.

An issue for some users is that some functionalities have not been introduced yet to the new area. They will be though :slight_smile:

Hi @Sara, any news on a migration date yet?

Not yet :cry:

But it’s still scheduled for 2018?

Yes, more or less. But really… we’re in April and the topic is unbelievably complex. So while I’m hopeful, anything can still happen. I’m expecting some new information on this in the following weeks - I’ll try to share here as much as I can of it.

Hi @Sara,

I understand the complexity of the matter, but my guess is it’s also a matter of priority. The vagueness of your replies suggest migrating old accounts doesn’t have a high priority at Spreadshirt. Which is a pity.

I’ve been a Spreadshirt partner since januari 2006. That’s for more then twelve years now. I’ve made Spreadshirt and myself a lot of money over those years. I had patience with all kinds of quirks and bugs in the platform. I never complained about doubtful policy changes and I’ve tried to contribute through ideas and remarks in the forum. All together I consider myself a loyal partner.

Now I don’t think this loyalty is rewarderd by leaving old partners in uncertainty about when their old accounts will be upgraded. I work in IT myself and I know that if a matter has priority, there is a plan, a time shedule and an estimated date of delivery.

I wish Spreadshirt would give the same amount of priority to migrating old accounts, as it has received loyalty from it’s old partners.