A small question about address verification.

Hello There;

This morning I saw the following messages on my Spreadshirt admin panel.

"Please click here to adjust your tax settings (VAT). “
"We need to verify your address before we can pay you. We provided you with a verification code.”

I already wrote my tax number and real address when I created the account.
There was an icon in my panel that my address was verified.

Now I wonder if it needs to be verified again and whether there may be a mistake.
And is there a tracking number where I can see where the letter is?

Thank you for your valuable reply and for your time.
Best Regards.

Ahoy @Annalang and a happy new Year,

I forwarded your question to the colleagues and will give you the answer as soon as I got feedback.

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Hello Rico,

I sent an email for manual address verification. Please help to solve the issue quickly.
I sent my home invoices to partner@spreadshirt.net.

User ID: 116212428

Best Regards.

Hey @Annalang,

I got the feedback from my colleagues:

You entered your data to set up your account and these were verified in a first check. The first check was just to see if the given address exists at all. Once you have reached a certain amount of sales, it is required by law to do another verification. This is now about whether the given address really belongs to you.
This is the general procedure as we, as Spreadshirt, have to check the identity of our partners and, if necessary, prove it to the German tax office. So you have done nothing wrong.

You will receive a code by mail which you have to enter to confirm your address. You will not receive any payouts in the period between sending the letter and entering the code.

I hope this answers your questions.