About FanArt program (When, what and how)

Hi, I would like to find more information about the FanArt program. As far as I understand, it hasn’t been launched yet.

I’m in the star 3 category, does that mean can I use the official merchandise brands (like ‘Ninja Turtles’ or ‘Asterix’)?

Can you tell us when it will be available? Where to get more information?

Best regards and thanks!

Ahoy @CarlosMarin ,

You will be invited to the fanart programm. The announcement will be made by email. Until then you have to be patient.
It is not allowed to create fanart for our licence partners without this programme. On the one hand, we strictly advise against creating such motifs without permission, and on the other hand, such designs will be rejected - so it is also a waste of time.

Greetings Rico

Understood, thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was invited to design FanArt (in 2021) but found the lack of information about it quite strange. And since then it hasn’t been improved as far as I can see. The online information brought up more questions than it answered. I needed to send an e-mail to get a better understanding of it, but much is still unclear.

From the web page about participation:

1. Discover the current licensed partners of the FanArt program. Click on the button below to find out which licenses are available for your star class.

  • Through e-mail I got to know I could only design for ‘Smiley World’ and that other brands were still off limits. This information could have been provided with the invitation to design for ‘Smiley World’, but this information was not provided beforehand.

2: Each brand brings its own rules to the FanArt universe. Before you start designing, you’ll need to download and sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • Where would I get that ‘confidentiality agreement’ that is mentioned? Shouldn’t you provide the partners you invite with all the information they need to get going?

I hope you can give me (and other partners) all the info to get started.

Best regards, Luc

Ahoy @brandnewdesigns ,

currently there is no fanart program and the fanart program with Smileyworld is closed - the deadline was February 2022.
Since it was our first fanart program, a lot of things were still a bit bumpy - we need to improve this process and at the same time also find licensing partners that go along with this process and also don’t have too many restrictions.
With Smileyworld, you were invited by email and then you had to submit your designs in a window of time. Before that, however, a consent form had to be signed and sent to us. All that has now been completed. You can no longer participate in the Smileyworld fanart program and there are no other programs at this time.
However, as soon as we start another fanartprogram, we will let you know and hopefully the process will be more comfortable four you as well.

Kind regards

All this information you just shared was not (clearly) communicated (not through e-mail or web pages), so I really had no idea about that. Hopefully next time we will get all the info we need. Thanks for clearing that up.

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