App not working again


Can’t even log in - is this a general error? Any idea when it might be working properly again?

Hey, could you describe the issue a bit more in detail, what exactly happens?

Which device & browser & version do you use?

Hi Sara,

Error message trying to log in to the app.

Previously app failed to display images.

Using Android 4.4.4 and its a Samsung…

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is it a 505 error message? could you take a screenshot and send it?

depending on the error message, we can look for the problem in different areas…

Just says “Error Your login was unsuccessful due to technical reasons. Please try again later.”

No numbers viewable.

Alright, until now we’re unfortunately unable to reproduce it but you’re not the only one reporting this. So basically, we’re heavily investigating, what’s going on! :mag:

Thanks Sara!.. btw still getting notifications (heart icon on top bar) I’ve sold things, just no idea what :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome! And so sorry that I can’t give more helpful answers at this time…

Any news on this problem?