App woes and troubles again

Hi Sara,

Did see (using google translate) that a new app is due this week… any idea when it will be?

Lol just impatient to have a clearer picture of sales, as not had a sale through on it for ages now :smiley:

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Yes, yes and yes! This week! :grin:

I do understand your impatience, the old App has had some proper issues lately - apologies. I can’t give you an exact time just now, but it’s this week and you’ll be promptly informed via our newsletter :slight_smile:

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Cool… thanks for giving us an update … excited to see new app :slight_smile:

No app yet… or have I missed the newsletter?

Nooo @ChilliFox , you have not! This one is entirely on me - I made the rookie mistake of making a promise about a release :smiley: :crying_cat_face:

It is really almost done, there is just the verification process that is taking a few days, which is apparently longer than estimated.

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Oh yeah I know that feeling :slight_smile: No worries… here’s hoping the verification goes smoothly!

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Got it now… taking a bit of getting used to but good to know what sales are which marketplace again :smiley: Thank you!

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Yes, it’s official! Pop the champagne, finally :smiley:

Was working ok enough (although it’s said waiting sales are actual sales on occasions)… but just got a sale which isn’t my design O_O… teething issues?

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Sort of… :smile_cat: You’re not the first to report this and here’s what’s going on:
The sale is yours, BUT the sale is a personalised product (=from the T-Shirt Designer) and for some (unknown) reason the App shows the wrong printing area.

So in all cases so far, the t-shirt has had designs both the back and the front and your design is on the “hidden” side. So it’s a bit… d’uh. Silly from our side :disappointed_relieved:

If you send me a screenshot (via PM) of the App screen with the order & the order number, I can tell you a) which design is in question, b) put it forward so the order preview can (hopefully) be improved :slight_smile:

It’s fine, now I know I can work out which it is as it’s in the backend stats and so I can match it up… now I know what’s going on :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Hey hey, are still experiencing this btw? Are the sales shown still the same way?

Not had one for a while with the wrong picture, but sales do appear whilst flagged as waiting rather than new… though 90% (estimate) do turn into proper orders… been reasonably happy though with it.

Alright. If anything bugs you more than is reasonable - please let me know (with screenshots - f.ex with private message) and I can push the matter further :slight_smile: