Auto translation isn’t working anymore

I had this problem before. But again the auto translation isn’t working anymore. I added several new designs and changed some old once weeks ago, but they are still not translated.


Ahoy @StefRingoot,

could you please give me the DesignIDs to check?

Thanks in advance.

Are this the design I’d?

2-3 weeks old

Older stuff

Ahoy @StefRingoot,

I had a short look into your mentioned designs. From the newer ones only the first one is already checked and without translations. The other designs you uploaded the last 2 weeks first have to be checked otherwise no translationprocess will be triggered.

The older designs are all already published but none of them has a translation, which shouldnt be as the translation-switch is turned on.

So I have some more questions first before I will hand this issue over to the colleagues: When did you turn on the translation-switch for those designs - directly after uploading them or later? Did you change something in the last days in the metadata?

Thanks in advance - I will forward this issue right after I got your feedback.

Best Rico

Hi @Rico_Spreadshirt. Thanks for your answer.

Yes I changed the metadata from the older illustrations. I hade problems with my instagram shopping account due to the fact that some of the designs had the same name. This is a problem for the tagging systems of instagram shopping.

So I turned off the auto correction and changed the Dutch names and metadata. Then I turned on the auto translation again hoping everything would translate correctly.

Should I leave the auto correction on if I change things in the Dutch metadata? If I add keywords in Dutch will they be translated afterwards?

The question is: when did you turn the switch off and on again?

In general - it is not a good idea to turn the autotranslation switch off. The whole process takes a while and turning it off deletes ALL existing translations. So its always better to leave the switch on. Changing single tags or description leads to a new trigger for the autotranslationprocess without deleting all the other tags.

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Oh, weeks ago… even months… don’t know exactly it could be the end of September.

It’s for Christmas and the holiday’s you see…