Auto translation

I was wondering how the auto translation works? Is it normal that it take several weeks to translate the title and meta data of a new design? I use another pod service with auto translation ( and the translation works immediately.

And what if I already add some translation ( ex in english) will the auto translation still work for the other languages?

This is the exact question I was going to ask :slight_smile:
On I have NO translation available on any of the designs, old and newly added.

Ahoy @StefRingoot and @idjy,

no - this is not normal. We found an issue with the autotranslations for old designe and new designs as well. The founded bug was fixed but it will take a while until all affected designs will be translated.

Best Rico

Hi Rico, it seems that the problem is solved. The designs I uploaded the last weeks where all translated today.

Thanks and greetings from holland.

Ahoy all,

yeah - finally the colleagues found the bug and fixed it. Could you all please check if your designs got translated now? And in case not couuld you please provide me the corresponding designIDs so that we can have a deeper look?

Best Rico

My first batch was translated; the ones uploaded since July 1st are not.

Ahoy @idjy,

do you have some designIDs for me?
Best Rico

Oldest first:
…and all my other designs up to the most recent:

Ahoi @idjy,

there is no issue with the autotranslation for the mentioned DesignIDs. Autotranslation will only be triggered after the full checking process is done. This can take up to 8 days.
Your design gets instantly published on your home-market but that doesnt mean that the design will also be instantly online on the other marketplaces.
This will only happen after checking process is completed.
So this is not a bug but the normal process.

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