Bestselling designs report (all partners)

Bonjour :slight_smile:
I am curious, and I would really like to know what are the 10 bestselling designs on the whole marketplace (not just my own) and besides official licenses.

It would help me figure out the fashionable styles of the moment - the newsletter with trends does not show the actual sales.

Would that be possible?
Maybe in the forum and not as a newsletter?

Ahoy @idjy,

I will forward your request but cant promise anything. I guess its not so easy to identify the 10 (or 50) bestselling designs because sometimes you have big orders with hundrets of articles but the customer is the designer himself or a friend, family or whatever. This makes it difficult to know if the design is relevant to customers.
Often there is also a specific temporary event, or occasion, for which a very large number of customers buy designs on a particular theme. It’s really hard to draw conclusions for future designs from bestselling designs - both in terms of theme and style.
But I’ll still see if we can do something like that.

Best Rico

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Thanks Rico!

Do you think it could also be possible to have a list of “What makes designs relevant enough that you get Stellar Class 3”?
Or a list of shops in that Class, so we can actually see where to tend to?

I feel frustrated that I have no idea who is in “the band” because they have artistic talent and not just marketing talent that sell a lot ^^

Ahoy @idjy ,

Unfortunately, this is even more difficult to answer. Even in star class 5, there are still designers who have the same design quality as star class 1-3. The only difference is that in addition to these conventional, very interchangeable designs, they also have 5 designs that have been rated as good or relevant by us and have also generated 100 marketplace sales.
Unfortunately, it can be said that marketing is now more important than design quality for many.

Basically, designs are classified as relevant if they stand out from the crowd. If you want to make a design for a topic, you should not look at what other cool designers have done, but you should look at what is offered in mass on our marketplace and then try to create something that stands out - in terms of content and also visually. So some kind of research is usually necessary.

I hope this helps.

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@Rico_Spreadshirt Thanks!

Is there a way to track how many “relevant designs” I have, and which ones?
If not, this feature would be cool :slight_smile:

And if people from the community could recommend designs for “relevance exam”, as in Star Classes up-high pointing at newbies and pulling them up, that would be cool too.

We had this discussion before when the system was introduced. Of course, an indication of which designs are classified as relevant makes sense at first glance. At second glance, however, it gives rise to problems:
As soon as someone knows exactly which of his designs have been classified as relevant, he will try to create another similar design.
Your question in particular shows that you want to orient yourself to something. So if designers exchange information about which designs have been classified as relevant, we get dozens of variants of the same motif. And in the end we would have exactly the opposite of what we actually want to achieve - namely unique designs. Not knowing what is relevant can be frustrating - I agree with you. But knowing what is relevant does not lead to the desired result either, because if everyone does the same or similar again, it devalues the design you or others have used as an orientation.


(I hope I am not annoying you - I look for a win-win option and I’m autistically strongheaded - sorry)
Thanks for taking time to reply <3

…could we have a counter then?
Like little stripes on the Class badge, sort of :wink:
This would boost morale for a lot of people who have no idea how appreciated they are besides sales (or the lack thereof) or Lost in space.

And if it updates monthly, you can’t know which design is considered relevant in the bunch of new uploads :smiley:

And if you REALLY don’t want to give this info, do we at least have a notification when the first time we have a Relevant design picked up?

(I would still keep doing my own style because I can’t do any other style… and I don’t like licence-free copycats)

Ahoy @idjy,

I don’t mind if you ask so many questions. I can understand the interest and I like to answer. So don’t worry about it.

As for the counter, it’s the same problem as described above - if the counter goes up after a design is uploaded, the designer knows which design was considered relevant.

As soon as you introduce an indicator - like a counter - there will be designers who will try it to the limit to find out which designs the counter will hit.

On the other hand, you mention the increased motivation when the counter goes up - so you already assume that you can create a relevant design with your style. Why do you need a counter then? And if the counter doesn’t go up - as it does for many people, by the way - then it’s rather demotivating. Because standing out from the crowd also means that there is a crowd - and they would be demotivated by a counter.

No matter how you look at it - in the end, the best solution is to leave the criteria in the dark and hope that every new design will be a relevant one.

At the end of the day, even the classification into the higher star class is a kind of indirect counter, only that you don’t know for which designs…

Kind regards

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