Bestselling designs report (all partners)

Bonjour :slight_smile:
I am curious, and I would really like to know what are the 10 bestselling designs on the whole marketplace (not just my own) and besides official licenses.

It would help me figure out the fashionable styles of the moment - the newsletter with trends does not show the actual sales.

Would that be possible?
Maybe in the forum and not as a newsletter?

Ahoy @idjy,

I will forward your request but cant promise anything. I guess its not so easy to identify the 10 (or 50) bestselling designs because sometimes you have big orders with hundrets of articles but the customer is the designer himself or a friend, family or whatever. This makes it difficult to know if the design is relevant to customers.
Often there is also a specific temporary event, or occasion, for which a very large number of customers buy designs on a particular theme. It’s really hard to draw conclusions for future designs from bestselling designs - both in terms of theme and style.
But I’ll still see if we can do something like that.

Best Rico