Cannot see preview in marketplace

Hi! =)

Design ID:

Design is in “published” status but i can’t see preview and neither in the search bar as a guest user, can someone help me?

Thanks a lot =)

Hi I have the same problem…so if someone knows why please let us know, thanks! :slight_smile:

Just wait one day…

Just wait one day

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ok thanks!

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I have the same problem and have waited for several days. I dont know how to proceed

Ahoy @Hess-petersen,

as you are in the starter class your designs will only be online after the reviewing process. This can take 10-15 days. So ther is no bug in your case.
if you have published 10 designs (10 designs must be fully reviewed) then you will level up to Starclass 2 where all of your designs will be instantly online on your origin marketplace.

Best Rico