Can't change my user ID number to a user name

I want to change user ID: number to user ID: name.
It is not possible in the acount settings.
How can I change that?

Welcome :slight_smile:
You mean for the forum and your Spreadshirt Account?

My ID account for the marketplace.

So if you log into your account and go to account settings you would need to enter a username and hit apply. This is not working for you? :thinking:
I need to figure out what is going on here, sorry for asking these questions.

It’s ok now!

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i have the same problem, how did you solve it please?

Ahoy @User_NA-b60a9649,

you just need to enter a Spreadname in your account settings:

You will always have a SpreadID but your SPreadname will be shown in your showroom after entering. It just takes a while sometimes.
If you not have entered a Spreadname yet - your SpreadID will be shown instead.

I hope this helps.


ok but when i press save its dosnt apply the changes like nothing happen and this massage pops up.

and also, when i press apply nothing changes too?!!

Maybe its a Cache-Issue. Just click Save and Apply and wait a bit. Maybe you also have to clear the cache of your browser after changing your profilename.
Let me know it it worked or not.


I did this and still the same problem,
should i delete my account and make a new one?

What name did you want to give to your profile? Maybe you used a blocked term?

Blaze, i dont think its blocked term.