Can't Make Payments or purchase anything! HELP!

When my team and I attempt to make ANY purchase on any of the European Spreadshrit sites at all we receive this message “Unfortunately the payment could not be processed. Please check your entry. If the verification is still not possible, please choose another payment method.” We reached out to customer service and were told to wait 24 hrs and then try again - too bad that didn’t work! We did EVERYTHING that was suggested including deleting our cookies, using a different corporate credit card with a different billing address, trying PayPal vs directly entering our credit card information - we even tried creating a new account with a different email address. NOTHING WORKS! We have been unable to make any purchases for the last 3 weeks. We were told to try pay in advance - which is NOT an option for us since we are using company issued credit cards and not bank accounts, and also most of the time we are using a billing address in the United States - which leaves us with ONLY the paypal or credit card options. We were also told that there is nothing anyone can do to help us as it is the credit card processor and not Spreadshirt who is responsible for blocking our purchases. This is an unacceptable answer, someone at SpreadShirt has the ability to contact the credit card processor and find out why our account and card is being blocked from making any purchases and work towards a resolution. We highly value Spreadshirt and our ability to place both single item orders as well a larger bulk orders for team building events, but we will have to find a different vendor if we continue to be unable to make purchases. Not because we want to be petty, but because it literally is NOT POSSIBLE to continue to use a company that is blocking all of our payment methods.

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Hey! We are having the exact same issue right now. I have tried many different payment methods and different paypal accounts, but nothing has worked. What was the conclusion of your problem? Did you guys get an answer?

Hi! Please contact our customer service at This is not a partner or forum topic, and we cannot solve the issue without requesting some information that should not be made available freely :slight_smile: