Can't put design on "Winter Hat"

What are the requirements for designs on winter hats?
I upload in SVG, but some will only be available for Jersey Beanie and Bucket Hat.

Ahoy @Klosterliljan,

for the winterheads only the flexprint is available. So svg- or ai files must be used.
At the same time the printarea of the winterhat is very small - so if you scale down a vectorfile (svg or ai) the smallest elements must not be smaller than 1mm. That is the reason why even some vectorfiles that you probably uploaded for shirts are not suitable for that small printarea.

So can it be transparent or is there anyway that i could use png image, wich is transparant. I made full store page, but i want beanie there too. So what should i do? I have triend 4k -1k pixels, png, jpeg…

Ahoy @Sauna_Studios,

as I mentioned for the Beanies you need a vectorfile. png, jpgs and all the other fileformats that are bulid of pixels are pixelfiles.
Vectorfiles are created completely different. If you only have very simple designs as pixelfiles it could be possible to just convert them into a vectorfile. But converting a pixelfile into a vectorfile most time dont meet the requirements for our vectorupload.
So first step should be to inform about vectorfiles and how to create them. Then its on you if you want to use them.

Best Rico

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I have done things with vector files maaaany times, so easy peace of cake :smiley:
Thx very much

I made vectorfile(svg), it worked for other products but didn’t work with beanie. So any ideas?

The printarea for beanies is very small. So a vectorfile you use for a shirt normally needs to be scaled down. But at the same time the smallest elements of that downscaled vectorfile cant be smaller than 1,5 mm to meet the requirements for the print. So the vectorfile you want to use for the beany must only consinst very simple and bold elements.
You will find the requirements for vectorfiles here:

I hope this helps.
Best Rico