Can't upload my svg for shoulder/front design

Hello, I’m trying to upload an svg for the shoulder of my zipper hoodie design and it won’t work. I read through the guidelines and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Maybe some details are too small.

Ahoy @User_EU-74731bf5 ,

It is best if you create your vector file on a workspace that corresponds to the dimensions of the print areas on the sleeves. This is probably the problem:
You may have successfully uploaded a vector file, but since the print area on the sleeves is very small, you would have to reduce the size of your uploaded vector file there. This makes the details of the design smaller than 1.5 millimetres and they can no longer be printed.
The system recognises from the outset whether a reduction in size would lead to this problem, which is why you cannot even place a vector file that is too large on the sleeve area in the first place.
Change the line width and the details and the problem should be solved.

I hope this helps,

Small Addition:
Or are you already having problems uploading?