Caps and aprons print

I’m not sure if this was adressed already, but the print on the caps and aprons (those were some of the items i ordered in the past that i wasn’t to happy about the print) are not the best. They look like the type of print we can do at home on our printers, so i was wondering if there is any plan in the future to change that type of printing to a better one like the ones on the t shirts or hoodies. I love the quality of the store in general,on the shirts hoodies and mugs but not so much in the caps and aprons, i never ordered a bag or backpack so i’m a bit concerned about the quality of the print on those items as well.

Thank you in advance

Can you let me know the order ID of the order you weren’t happy about so I can have a look at the file that was printed etc. I can then give a better answer to your question.

I’m so sorry about such a late reply. This happens with every design, i myself ordered the same design on a shirt and on a cap and the way it’s printinted is not the same has on a t-shirt. It’s like one of those transfer print sheets we can make on our printers leaving a shine making it not very vibrant like on tshirts or hoodies.

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You probably still have the order ID. If you could pass that along it would help. The more specific you can be, the better!