Change source language to english

I have created a spreadshirt account to sell on the marketplace.
I have created the account on since I am Italian, but my designs are not Italian, they have no text and if they have it it is simple English titles.
Since the design are either neutral or English, my title, description and tags are all in English.
When I try to create a product (even if I login in, when I arrive at the metadata page, I am asked to insert the title, description and tags in Italian (on top of the page it is written "source language: italian).
Since I then want to use the automatic translate function, how can I change the source language to English?

Ahoy @Andrea-Artistry-eu,

currently its not possible to change the source language. If you want the autotranslation to translate the metadata to all other languages it is essential to use the souce language.

So if you created your account on the it-domain please use the italian language for all your metadata even if the designs consist of english texts and words. This way the autotranslation will work correctly and translate it to all the other languages. Afterwards your products will also be online on all the other markets as well.

In other words: currently it is only possible to publish your designs on your source domain only OR on ALL domains. It is not yet possible to only publish on a foreign domain. So in your case - if you have designs that are suitable for other domains as well they need to be published on all domains and therefore you need to tag them in the source language of your account.

I hope this helps.
Let me know if you need further help.

Best Rico