Charcoal grey product color is now black?

seems like the charcoal grey product color is now black or darker,
choosing “charcoal grey” shows the wrong model picture or did I miss something ?


which product are you talking about?

Hi @Alex-Spreadshirt , @Lena_Spreadshop ,

Sorry if it was not clear, I’m talking about premium men, women and kids T-shirts, hoodies en sweaters with the option “charcoal grey” as product color

I have in the categories of an embedded shop pictures of models from Spreadshit, Flickr or Placeit, linking to the Spreadshirt products in the shop.

If Spreadshirt change a product color, I have to adapt those pictures so that the colors remain the same.

Charcoal gray color is now darker on Spreadshirt’s models as it was a while ago.

Just want to know if the color stay so or if I have to update the pictures again in a while if the lighter charcoal grey color comes back .

The charcoal grey color hasn’t change at all in the colors circles so it’s a bit confusing.


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Just noticed that the green color men’s organic V-neck T-shirt is not available anymore…
Is it out of the assortiment ? Is it only temporary ?
Is there a way to know when products colors are not available anymore ?


Hi @Alex-Spreadshirt , @Lena_Spreadshop,

Some news about those issues ? Thanks

We have a regular blog post about product news. I would recommend that.

You´ll get notified by subscribing to our partner newsletter :wink:

Thanks, didn’t know it was there so I will more often and more seriously take a look at the blog when I will receive notifications.
( allready suscribed a long time ago but never really read it… sorry :woozy_face: )

Any news about the charcoal grey color wich has become darker will also be great :slightly_smiling_face: