Consider better instructions please!


I have been trying to upload designs with so many small incremental changes to the file format, path complexity, size, etc etc and still it’s a gamble whether my vector files will upload or not. You need to be more exact on 1) Exactly what Illustrator versions the design tool wants 2) Exactly which boxes and settings to tick in but equally important are 3) Settings that don’t matter at all.

I have files that are perfectly made but neither .ai nor .svg made according to your instructions work. Yes I have tested saving compatible files all way from Illustrator 3 to 24. I have tested .svg with presentation as well as internal CSS and all the other imaginable settings.

This means your instructions are either not detailed enough, or that it is difficult to find them. I see other people on the forums asking for the same type of help, and a lot seem clueless about why their files will not upload. Please consider adding an explanation in the design tool for why a vector file was rejected, it would help a lot of people and simultaneously save your staff some time. Thank you.

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Sorry, den konnte ich mir jetzt nicht verkneifen.

Ahoy @User_EU-28648fd9,

You could send me a PM with a link to your file so that I can check it. I tried and was able to easily upload a vectorfile in the design tool.
So I will send you a private message where you can answer to and attach a link. I hope this helps.

Best Rico