Credit Since Last Payout

When i look at my Credit Since Last Payout page, it sais its 0 since my last payout that was in july. Witch would be oki, had i not seen on the sales tab, that i have sold 5 items since last payout, and 3 of them, there are earnings.
First 2 items was sold on August 2. So i would asume it whold show up on the credits tab by now.

Its not that im worried about not getting the money, its just annoying really :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the same issue?

No seems different. As mine said 0 when i know i had 3 orders that would have given me credits. So when the payout came, my credits said 0.

never mind :slight_smile:

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All good now? :smiley:

Was it just that the 14 days was over yet for them to be credited on your account?

Yeah im just blind
 my head has clearly not been in the game lately
 sorry =)

I’m having the same issue i had 5 sales from 22 of september to 2 October and have zero on credit and comission :confused:

forget it! it only appears 14 days after the purchase so sorry :upside_down_face:

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