Custom shirt color? Or gradient transparency?

I want to make a t-shirt with a design that looks like a sticker that says “GLAS” on it. Like those stickers you put on shipments, “Warning, contains glass”.

I want the whole t-shirt to be in the color of the sticker but I couldn’t find that color so i reckoned I could make a design that fades to transparency. Like this:

That way, the sticker gets the correct color and it blends in to the t-shirt.

Will that work? Is it possible to print transparency? Or is it possible to choose your own t-shirt color? Then I don’t need the gradient stuff.
Kind regards.

Hey Jens,

this is one is pretty simple.
Just create a *.png file with a transparent background. This file format supports transparencies and is a standard format for digital printing.
In case you are working with a vector based program, just make sure there´s no filling in the back of all parts that should show the garment.

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