Design and upload

How do i create and upload a design within the account/shop? I can see how to design what i want on the website but not within the shop? OR how do i save the design on the website and then upload into my shop?

hey there!
You need to create an account with us. Simply login or click on “Start Selling”

Then you can start with creating your products within the user area which is especially made for maintaining a shop or marketplace profile.

Depending on your location, you can sign up at selling in the EU.
Or open a US shop at

I did! I can create a design through your website but cannot figure out how to do it through your shop?
So i basically want to design and upload through the account/shop? (Im in the UK if that matters by the way)

When beeing logged in, you can start designing your products within the “Designs” section of the user area.
Afterwards you’ll be asked about where you´d like to publish them.
You don´t need to go to your point of sale first.

Feel free to play around a bit. You can´t do anything wrong there.