Design being unpublished automatically

Hi there. I have a design that keeps being reverted to Pending and I can’t figure out why. It is Design ID 1039788814.

This design is a white variation on a previously uploaded black design, ID 1039767209, which works fine.

The white design showed up in my shop yesterday and was available in the customize editor, but it reverted to Pending sometime overnight.

Ahoi @AuroraDawn,

your designs is not fully checked yet. We have several different checking processes running in the backgrund. From time to time the automatic checking processes something identify supposedly critical.
This does not mean that there is actually anything critical in it. But for security reasons, the design is only released after the complete review process on the marketplace.
The automatic inspection processes often evaluate white and black designs differently, even if the same thing is shown.
Usually, however, it is finally approved.

So currently I just can give you the advice to keep calm and wait for the approval.

Best Rico

Hi Rico,

Do you know how long approximately the queue is? I have a customer who wants to order that specific design in time for a convention.