Design on front/back problem

When I put a vector design on a zipped hoodie, it ends up on the back side. So I drag the design to the front and position it to the side of the zipper. When I click done and go back to the product overview, the design has kept the new position but it’s again on the back of the shirt.


User ID: 113893885

We had some pretty intense platform issues before the weekend - do you still encounter this issue?

(like, it seems to be working now, right?)

Still on the wrong side. :frowning_face:

?!??!?!?!?! I don’t get it :smiley: Yesterday it looked just fine on my screen. But I can also reproduce it now.

I’ll make a bug report, thanks for your patience :pray:

Now it shows correctly in my user area but still wrong in the marketplace.

Fixed, or still encountering this?

Still correct in my user area but wrong in marketplace.

Thanks - I’ll report it again and see if I get it fixed :slight_smile:

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Still waiting…

I’ll ask if there’s any additional information on this.

It still shows on the front in my user area but on the back in my showroom. Seems like somebody moved it though, because it’s a bit further down now (below the hood).

And why are my showrooms full of those AWFUL black on black and white on white products?