Designs bugs

Here are some bugs I found:

Ahoy @NoNaked,

the bug with the vertical alligned design is a known issue. We are working on it.
The other one with the saphire blue lunchbox and the missing designcolor I cant reproduce. Which browser do you use? Does this bug appear in your partnerarea or on a productdetailpage on our marketplace after you klicked on “personalise”?

Ok, for me the only important thing is that the printing will be good for my clients :slight_smile:

I’m using Safari but it’s the same with Chrome.
Just click here:

Ahoy @NoNaked,

thank you for the link - I can now reproduce it - not only for your designs but for all designs with white elements on a saphire blue lunchbox. I will forward this issue to the colleagues but I’m afraid that this won’t be fixed before the weekend.
I will give you feedback if I have further information.

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Bugs fixed, thanks