Designs rejected without valid reasons

Im sick and tired of discussing with “”. They are rejecting all my designs based on invalid reasons. They are absolutely blocked from getting any valid facts that Im presenting to them. Why your customer service is so awful? Why you are not open and honest providing valid proof on why you reject a design? Im not violating any rule, I’m not doing anything wrong, and I provided enough legal documents to show that there are no restrictions in my design.

Please provide a responsible contact person to deal with and solve this issue. Someone to clear and approve my designs based on THE FACTS THAT IM PROVIDING, and not the biased invalid discriminatory reasons that “legal team” is using to reject my designs.

Funny thing is, as the cant support their own arguments to refuse a design, they are asking me to find a lawyer!!! haha Incredible!

What are some „invalid reasons“ for example?

Are you a company representative?

No, just interested.

An invalid reason is an argument not backed up by facts. The fact is, black colour is black, regardless of what you think or say. Is it clear now?

Yes, but it‘s too abstract for giving you an advice in this special matter.

Also no representative.
But I had a quick look at your marketplace shop, which obviously has no design online. What is present is a nice logo of “Anton Schwarzkopf GmbH” on your shop banner which might already be a copyright problem, if you are not entitled to use the logo. As the company was liquidated in 1983 there might be no holder of these copyrights right now, but I didn’t check that.

What is absolutely clear, is if there could be any signs of copyright problems, Spreadshirt will reject your design, as they don’t want and don’t have to verify your right of use. You have to prove that you are the designer or legal user of a certain design.

We all have sometimes problems with some sort of legal obstacles concerning the designs, as it is a very volatile and bumpy aspect in which some people seek to make money by suing companies like spreadshirt for a nice bunch of money.

As I don’t know which kind of problem your designs seem to cause I can’t tell if that fits your problem, but maybe a small change in the design could be the solution that is enough to get it approved.

I am also sick of the discussions. Mostly because these legal standards don’t apply to ALL accounts. Most recently a design of mine was rejected, because of similaritites to “Lego”. The patent is no longer applied, I did not refer to the trademark “Lego”, but it was rejected anyways while several other “Klemmbausteine” designs can stay online without problem. It’s ridicoulous. Even amazon did not reject it.

Another design rejected was the sign “Saugstelle” which was put in a filthy context using corresponding tags (the design itself was just the sign without any sexual reference). Meanwhile, designs showing genitals stay at the marketplace. I’m sick of it. Amazon sells better, Amazon pays better, maybe I simply don’t put any more efforts into Spreadshirt :confused:

I am a company representative and what I can say here is that on every design there is the mentioned logo. As I cant discuss rejection reasons in specific here but in general I will just tell you the following:

  • Designs with Logos in general will not be accepted for marketplace as this ist not the place for merch. For this purpose the shop fits better.
  • Designs with logos that are not your own will be rejected in general no matter what pont of sale you use.

So maybe @JJs_online is right and the small change of leaving the logo out could be the solution.


Finally a consistent fact-based reply!! Thank you so much Rico for this, please tell your colleagues “Peter” and “Leonie” from how to deal with this kind of disputes. They were absolutely rough against me, treating me like a criminal for just using a logo that is not protected nor in business anymore. I provided enough proof from Euipo and Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, which clearly states that the brand is not protected or owned by anyone, but still, they refuse to understand facts, they were rude and they struggled really hard to explain reasons. Thank you very much for your suggestion on leaving the logo out!

They even ask me to find a lawyer to protect their business!!

Please tell them to get some customer service lessons, totally unacceptable customer treatment by modern global standards.

Any suggestions to proceed with my designs will be appreciated.

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Thank you Berlin shirts for this. All these disputes with spreadshirt is a waste of time, they are running a 21 century global company with 1960s local procedures…
You mean Amazon merch? please let me know as of course Im leaving this marketplace

That brand is no under protection anymore, nor its logo.
Funny enough they are not rejecting it “by the logo”…but for another different pointless reason, based on intellectual property as well, totally out of place. They are living in stone age. was so rough on this, they have no idea about customer service and how to deal with professionalism according to modern world standards…terrible.

I understand your frustration. It’s important to have a clear and transparent process for design approval. I recommend reaching out to higher management or a designated customer service representative to address your concerns directly. They should be able to provide assistance and resolve the issue effectively.