Do I have to make spreadshirt showrooms for each country?

Hello everyone.

I’m in EU and was wondering if I have to make a showroom for each country or will all designs I put up on the .net showroom be visible to everyone in EU?

You don‘t have to make showrooms for each country. But not every design you put on the .net platfform will be visible in EU. First you have to choose this option by uploading. Second Spreadshirt decides for every design, if it is „compatible“ for other countries.

Thank for the reply!

Also, I’ve noticed that my designs does not show up on the .net showroom. So via the .net showroom I can not create Topics. Why is that?

To get around this I had to open up another marketplace/showroom (.se) and add designs and topics from there. So now at least the topics show up at my .net showroom. But surely this isnt working as intended?

Ahoy @LetsGetInspired,

first of all: dont create several accounts. Just create one account on the domain of your country.
Now you upload all the designs you want to publish on all domains. Not every design is suitable for all domains so some of them will be accepted only for your home country (or with the new default language feature only for the one intended domain).
Once you uploaded and published your designs you now click on the showroom symbol in your Partnerarea and create showroomtopics in the language of your home country. To create showroomtopics there must be designs published/online first. Otherwise you cant fill the topics with designs and creating empty topics is not possible.
If you created your account on the .net domain, you should enter everything in english. If you created your account on the .se domain you should only enter swedish metadata and texts.

the issue with the showroomtopics is, that they wont be translated automatically for the other domains.
So currently this needs a workaround to adjust the created categories for all other domains:

  • log in with your logindata on each of our domains, go to your Partnerarea and change the topicsname for the corresponding language. Log out and go to the next domain…

i hope this helps