Embroidered clothing (patches)

Another feature request from my side:

I think it would be really cool if we can also have our designs embroidered on clothing (directly or with a patch)
Especially on hoodies (breast patch), polo shirts and baseball caps.

See example below:

My designer created a few new logo’s for me. I want to share them with you to show how cool it looks when embroidered on a cap. (instead of printed) But ofcourse they also look cool on:

  1. Beanies/hats
  2. Breast (patch) on a jacket
  3. Breast (patch) on a polo

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Embroided usually looks cool. Trying to immitate this in 2D is quit rough but maybe can also be a way to coming closer to real embroidery.

Anyway- it would be too cool to embroider the designs on some products.

Absolutely, adding embroidery options to your product line sounds like a fantastic idea!