Embroidery/stitch logo

Hey. I can’t get my logo accepted, can you help?

File Logo

Ahoy @User_EU-1f643bfe,

first question: where do you want to upload your logo? Do you just want to order your stiched logo as a customer here?: Create your own | Spreadshirt

Or do you want to upload your logo to your partnerarea to sell it? That is not possible yet.

Second: Although your file is a svg it is not a real vectorfile. The elements of your logo are not built by vectorshapes. You just pasted a pixelimage into the svg. I admit,that creating vectorfiles is not as easy as pixelfiles. If you dont know how to create you could also use our graphic service to rebuild your logo and turn it into a vectorfile that meets our requirements for the embroidery. Or you could also contact our corresponding colleagues via Whatsapp: Link
Or by call: Tel:+442039661818

I hope this helps.